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We are pleased to present you to our new heart-made product from Thailand. After ages of crafting recipes, we have finally found the perfect profile of tasty and healthy vegetable chips. Through hand-sourced root vegetables from diverse farms in Thailand, and profound home-cooked crafting process, packs of delectable crisp chips are produced. In one pack you will find 3 types of sweet potato and taro, cooked with 100% Natural Rice-bran oil, sprinkled with our three unique seasonings and spices.

  • NO GMO
  • NO MSG

NUTRIOZ - Authentic Thai Spices (12PCS.)

SKU: NS003
  • In one pack you will find mix roots vegetable chips, processed through tendered recipes. One pack contains:  Taro, Sweet potato, Tangelo potato, and Naturally Violet Potato. We cooked them with rice bran oil to preserve all the vitamins. Thai Spices is legendary! It is the perfect blends of sour and spicy! We recommend you to try this unforgettable snacks experience!

    - 1 pack contains 50 g.

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